About Us

My name is Orvill Samanta, this blog is to support the various colleagues, mates, and acquaintances who have asked me for advice on how to do a transition from very Information Technology (IT) roles into the Cyber security world.

When I first began the transition in my work, I, too, wondered how I could make such a jump. Because of that, I determined to have a blog that would be simple to digest and build something that I wish I had during that transition period.

This blog is for technical people at the beginning stages of trying to figure a way to break into the IT Security(Cyber Security). This blog-site is also for those who would like to experience the world of security better and learn to secure their network or secure their company’s system better. When it comes to protection, we are all newbies, as technology changes need constant learning and training.

So why pick this blog-site?

While there are some excellent blogs out there, I noted that there weren’t any, which uniquely dedicated their content to the amateurs looking to make the transition into Cyber Security.

I genuinely believe that the more good people we have in IT security, the better the world will enhance.

Thanks for visiting my blog-site and contributing your insights. Contact us with any proposals or topics that you would like us to address shortly.