How to remove security tag

Here I will explain some easiest real life-hack of removing any security tag from cloths, books or any retail material.

Using Small Strong Magnets

Step 1: Pick any cloth, good or retail stuff from Shopping mall.

Note: This is an anti theft antenna security door for retail shopping mall. This door have 1.2m to 2.3m detection range according to the tag.

Tags or LabelsApprox Detection Range
Soft Labels140 – 170cm
Small square/ dome tags 160 – 180cm
Big square/ dome tags 180 – 210cm

Step 2: To bypass above security door, you need remove the tag from your selected material. Removing part is too easy, use two strong magnets on the upper portion of the tag. If it’s work it will notify you with “tik” sound.

Step 3: After removing big or small tags don’t forget about Soft labels because those Soft labels are made up with RFID (Radio frequency Identification) which is disposal circuit, technically it is a passive tag which is quite cheap and used on books, products in shopping mall or inventory in the warehouse. You should peel it off to get rid of it.

Removing Security Tags With Other Methods

I can explain you some methods which is completely hopeless, but it will work. I mentioned hopeless because there are some reason behind it, lets get started.

Second Attempt: Burn it. Means you need to burn the top of the security tag until u see a spring popping up, then the pin will automatically release from the ball-bearing. The main risk is, if it is a Ink tag instead of normal or dome tag, because Ink can container can melt due to heat. So it is a hopeless attempt.

Third Attempt: hammering/fork pull/knife cutting can cause damage on the product, so Strictly I don’t want to recommend this attempt.

This article is completely based on educational purpose, Don’t use those techniques for any kind of illegal activity.


1: RFID is a Radio frequency Identification, RFID is working on radio frequency or radio waves. This technology is used to identify or tracking the objects automatically. For extra Knowledge click here

2: I mentioned 3 common security tags, but there are many tags like. Gator Tags, Super Tag 1, Super Tag 2, Super Tag 3, Alarm Super Tag, Super Tag Ink, Ink Tags, Pencil Tag, Dome Tag, Napoleon Tag, Spider Wrap Tag, Super Max Tag.

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