What is Phishing?| Techniques of Phishing

What is Phishing? | Techniques of Phishing

Phishing, not everyone loves it. Some like it and others well, they are the ones to be fished. In this world of predator and prey, there is one way to live either you fish or you turn up as fish.

A teenager 1st explored this in America in 2004, and the police found out the hijacking of delicate intel. Phishing involves the extraction of usernames, passwords, and credit card details by fabricating trust base origins and guidelines. It exemplifies social engineering techniques luring trustworthy parties through social media, chatrooms, banks, online transactions.

Phishing Tecqunies:


Don’t take the bait! One of the first most crucial thing everyone needs to be aware of, as any phisher’s primary priority, would be to bait you. Phisher’s target as many people they can, active inside the grid using emails, advertisements, and other such eye-grabbing offers. Spear phishing is quite sophisticated. Phishers understand the mindset of their victims, tapping them with the proper bait for the kill. They have got a target-oriented kill chain, where specific people or an organization is taken under the hood rather than selected.


Ever wonder about those reports, complaints, and chaos regarding the intervention of private space? Some desperate unethical genius is causing havoc in your web life – that’s it, and you are a customer of session hijacking. Phishers use the net session guidance manual manipulating users and stealing information in the process. That little monster grabs the floor. Now from where does, this little monster came? Any bright ideas? Effortless- courtesy, Mr Phisher, all your exciting and dirty little secrets are out there with Mr Phisher reaping the benefits.


Link Manipulation, not discussing the guy from the cyberpunk series ‘Matrix’ who goes by the name link. When hackers send a link to a malicious website to steal personal information and login credentials. A legitimate link comes on, but on the other side, some malicious website comes in crawling. In other words, users are unable to find out what is happening behind the scenes. A total pseudo-image or space highly operational for anyone who is not willing to get caught.


Some phishing scheme involves something suitable to your interest, catering to your demands; these are the critical points targeted by the medium of search engines. These phishers are attractive communicators, engaging their audience to come out with low risks. These mainly appear showcasing low budget products, attempting to accessing card details, and personal financial infiltration.


Fake appealing content or modified prototype site appearing before users and showing much promise. Content injection aims at exploring the established relationship between a user and an organization. Phishers generally use emails, chat-rooms, and bulletin-board posting to draw the prey. A flashy, interactive visual approach fits the need and satisfaction of demanding mass to be unknowingly exploited.


Mushi, Mushi, like the Japanese, say hello! You are holding on to this phone call. Over the line, someone is chatting, suppose discussing your bank account number to restore your account, which might be infected by malware. You give the guy or grid your number, password, and email id. Split seconds later, bye. Bye, all the things necessary and essential. Get the point, my friend, you are a victim of voice fishing, someone has grabbed hold of your cyber-intel and the caller another promising phisher.


Winner, Winner, nothing for dinner. Congratulations! You are the lucky no, in fact, the luckiest person to live on planet earth -as you have won 2 million, send your personal information and the required details. You feel like you are on cloud 9. A few moments later you are back to the shittest place on earth, (sorry no disregard for you) every financial information you shared is hijacked, and you are a victim of SMS phishing

Phishing Explained and there techniques


So those are the vivid explanation about Phishing and the common attack techniques. If anything is missing click-here for more information or feel free to comment down below.

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